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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I'm not being fair. Like being angry at a retard. Today there was apparently some kind of problem with computers at the social security office which was why it was taking a very long time to process drivers licenses at the DMV.

Question: why does stuff FAIL so often around here? Why does it seem to be the rule and not the exception?

Oh shit... the screens turned blue. Must call tech support... uh...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DASH Bus Timetable

Bus schedules are highly misleading, but DASH bus that operates in Virginia totally takes the piss.
I mean, what the hell does "Reduced Weekday Service Days" mean?

Bullshit: Reduced Weekday Service Days
What it really means: Weekday service

Basically, if you didn't know what it meant, you would think that the bus ran every 30 minutes (which is pretty bad). But on the left side of the schedule there is this "R" on every other line. So you wonder what it means and you look down and in a font small enough to fit on a grain of rice it says that it's some kind of "Reduced Weekday Service Day."
So what the fuck?
Does that mean that on some weekdays the bus services are reduced?
So which of the five weekdays are they talking about?
Turns out, ALL OF THEM.
Yes, they couldn't just say "Weekday Service" and have a disclaimer saying "Bus operates only on times indicated by 'Weekday Service' on week days." Because why? That would make them seem like a bunch of cheap lazy asses. Which is exactly what they are. So no, they have to confuse the fuck out of us to make it sound like we're the fucking morons for not being able to figure it out the first time we try to take the bus.
Seriously, how bad has euphemism come?
If they get into an accident, I might rescue them, but first they'll have to figure out when my "reduced weekday motivated hours" are.

Reduced Weekdays. Fucking reduce your life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dirty Tackle

I don't know if any of you follow it but there's a Yahoo sports blog called Dirty Tackle that just might be the worst football blog I've ever seen with that level of exposure.

Bullshit: Dirty Tackle
The Truth: I guess it's all about who's dick you suck.

Now by no means am I saying that this blog rules, but the difference is I don't get paid for it. How such a no talented writer with seemingly little understanding of football managed to land that gig, I don't know.
Actually, I do know. It's not really about qualifications. It's about who you know and who you're chums with.
If I spent my day just digging up stuff about football and was told that I'd get paid to write something clever, I might just be able to pull it off. Not because I'm a great writer or anything, but because that blog is so incredibly average.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Superb article on how America is seen now

The only part I disagree with is that Europe and the world's loss of appetite for war was about Afghanistan. It was mostly about Iraq and it has spilled over to Afghanistan as well, but the fact that European countries continue to send troops to Afghanistan shows that it is a war that people do believe is right. Badly run perhaps, but right nonetheless.

No World Cup Posts

I realize that despite being a HUGE fan of football there has been no posts about the World Cup.
It's not that I didn't watch or didn't care.
I was out having too much fun and getting too drunk to be bothered with posting.


Basically covering Korean-Americans, Korean-Canadians etc.
There is this wide misunderstanding in countries like the US and Canada who think that these folks are actually like Koreans in Korea. This is actually not true. Korean-Americans and Korean-Canadians are a unique culture group. For simplicity sake, I'll refer to them as either Gyopos or Korean-Americans.

Common Misunderstanding: Korean-Americans are closer to being Korean than American.
The truth: Actually for the most part they are not very Korean at all.

Here's a typical Korean-American:
- Can't speak Korean very well.
- Was born in the US and has only rarely gone to Korea if at all. And when over there, couldn't really communicate with his relatives.
- His English sucks and has a funny accent which makes White people mistake him for being more Korean than he really is.
- Usually fat.
- Can't do math.

Also their image of Korea is this sort of mystical place that is perfect and cannot be touched. They have a blind sense of duty and patriotism towards a country where they have rarely if ever been and have a command of Korean so bad they can't decipher Korean text messages sent to their Korean cell phone. The truth is, they find comfort in Korea because they feel rejected by American society. Furthermore, the truth is that if these folks were in Korea, they'd probably get rejected as well.
Now, not all of these ethnic Koreans in the United States I think are Korean-Americans. Those who speak perfect English, have no issues with getting along with other Americans etc., are for all intents and purposes, Americans.
It's just those who have lived their entire lives in the US, yet feel a need to cluster together with other Korean-Americans who are bad at speaking either language.
Seems like the only part of America they were able to soak up was getting fat.
In Apkujeong in Seoul, if you are ever lost or need directions and don't know who to ask, ask a fat guy. He probably won't know where to go but he'll at least speak English.

Ask this guy

And don't let the accent fool you.
In Korea they try to exaggerate their Koreanness to try to prove how Korean they are in order to fit in. That is.
- When I say "Hey let's go grab a burger," they think I just committed treason for not choosing Korean food. WTF. I just feel like having some junk food today that's all.
- Grovel to their superiors and abuse their subordinates more than most real Koreans ever would.

All the while despite their so called "loyalty" etc., they don't ever seem to bother with immigrating back into South Korea and serving in the military. WTF.

Is it possible to be both Korean and American and not Korean-American? Yes. Very possible. I know several individuals who would in fact fall into this category.

So if some Korean-American tries to pull off some bullshit about "cultural difference," just remember that it is not a Korean to American cultural difference. It is a culture of a group of rejects who failed to adjust.


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